Having worked in property development for a number of years before returning to study product design my approach has been refined over numerous projects working within varied teams.

My overall view of any task at hand be it small or large is that what is in front of you isn't necessarily all that's in front of you.

One thoughtless or careless turn can detract from the most useful or beautiful of products or worse render it useless.

My approach to product design is the same as it is to the delivery of large complex property developments. Stand back and look at the bigger picture. Everything forms part of a larger system.

Team work is essential. The ability to reflect your ideas off others. They may be trying to solve the same issue or may have no understanding of the problems you are trying to solve. Design is a process of feedback and iteration with the mistakes made early on helping to inform the end result.

I strive to give all of my work the care and attention it deserves and to work with and amongst passionate and creative people to deliver products which delight.

Glenn Masterton
Product Designer